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New Pokémon Snap

R 1,099

Explore lush scenery on unknown islands to snap photos of Pokémon in their natural habitats.

Seek out and take in-game photographs of Pokémon in their native environments in the New Pokémon Snap™ game. Discover behaviours and expressions you've never seen before when you encounter and research lively wild Pokémon. Investigate the mysterious Illumina phenomenon and travel to the islands that make up the Lental region. Meet Professor Mirror and work with him to uncover the mystery of the Illumina Phenomenon.

  • You’ll explore deserts, jungles, and more as you photograph fan-favourite Pokémon and discover never-before-seen Pokémon expressions and behaviours.
  • Explore beautiful islands
  • Discover lively wild Pokémon
  • Capture beautiful Pokémon photos
  • Complete your Pokémon Photodex


Product Overview:

System Compatibility: Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite
Genre: Simulation
Players: 1
Features: Supports 3 modes of play
Age Rating: FPB PG PPS CI
Download Details/Requirements: NSO Membership required for online play. 
Publisher: Nintendo