Pikmin™ 3 Deluxe

2524746 R 1,199

Three brave explorers land on planet PNF-404 on a mission to find food for their famished home planet. After a crash landing, these explorers must work together with Pikmin to reunite and complete their mission. Command a capable crop of 5 different types of Pikmin™ to strategically overcome obstacles, defeat creatures, and find food for your famished home planet. Remember to return to your ship before time runs out, or you (and your Pikmin) could be in big trouble. A variety of difficulty settings, lock-on targeting and optional hints have been newly added. With less pressure, you have more time to strategically command your Pikmin and take in the lush scenery.

Product Overview

System Compatibility: Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

Genre: Adventure and Strategy

Players: Up to 2 players

Features: Supports 3 modes of play

Age Rating: FPB TBA

Download Details/Requirements: NSO Membership required for online play.


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