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How does Nintendo keep your child safe?

Safety is very important to Nintendo. We always aim to build play environments that are both safe and inclusive towards all players, and we continually look for ways to improve our products in these areas. As Nintendo Distributor South Africa we are proud to bring you a wide range of games for all ages and types of players. The age rating on a game can help you determine if a game is suitable for you or your family.

To make sure you're fully informed about the content of our games, and to help you choose appropriate titles for your family, we are registered and certified by the Film and Publication Board who reviews each game and assigns it a rating based on content. Choose your next game with nothing but your first in-game challenge to worry about!


Settings that let you keep the focus on the fun!

As a parent, it's not always easy to keep an eye on your children's time spent with entertainment devices. The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls smart device app is a free smart device app which you can link with Nintendo Switch to easily monitor what and how your children are playing. If you do not have a smart device you can also set certain restrictions on Nintendo Switch directly.


Monitor your child’s gameplay time.

There's even a function in the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls smart device app where you can see a report of which video games your child has been playing, and for how long.

In addition to seeing what your children have been playing daily, you can also receive a monthly play report of your child from the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls smart device app.

At a glance, you can see what kind of games your children are interested in.
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