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Persona 5 Royal

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Persona 5 Royal is the ultimate edition of the latest JRPG sequel in the hit spin-off to Shin Megami Tensei! It comes with over 40 items of DLC, as well as an optional Japanese voiceover!

You’ll Never See It Coming

Take on the role of high school student-turned-Phantom Thief Joker when he moves to Tokyo only for things to take a turn for the strange. With his new friends and pet cat Morgana helping him, it’s up to them to steal people’s desires and change their hearts. It might be harder than you think since the most powerful people keep their desires hidden deep inside Palaces in the Metaverse.

All-Out Attack

Everywhere in the Metaverse is patrolled by fierce Shadows, which take on monstrous forms to keep you from your goal! Buy items in various shops and upgrade your abilities in the underground Mementos to take on even the toughest of foes. Simple trinkets can become powerful totems, and weapons that are harmless in the real world can do harm to Shadows.

Show Me Your True Form!

Take off your mask and convince Shadows to lend you their power, adding to your strength and abilities. Combine them in the Velvet Room to turn them into new forms and give you an edge in every turn-based encounter. Prove the power of the Phantom Thieves, and change the hearts of Tokyo!

Genre: Adventure, Role-playing
Publisher: SEGA
Age Rating: 16+

1 x Game Cartridge

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