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Starlink Starship PK Nadir

R 299 R 599

Enhance your adventure and achieve victory through creative combat with the Nadir Starship pack. This pack contains pilot Shaid with her unique Pilot Ability, Nadir starship and the Nullifier weapon. Combining these modular toys in combat will help you adapt to challenges as you save Atlas.

Shaid is an Outlaw pirate from the Atlas star system. Her life of crime in Atlas has hardened her into a sarcastic, fast-talking rogue who’s easy to like, but hard to trust. Her starship, Nadir, named for her mother is as clever, quick, and ruthless as she is. Originally a stolen passenger craft, Nadir has been enhanced with several illegal aftermarket upgrades that it hardly resembles its original form. Nullifier is the result of Outlaw weapons experimentation. It launches a volley of guided missiles tipped with mass-enhancing warheads, creating an intense Vortex of crushing gravity at their target’s location. If the impact doesn’t get ‘em, the Gravity will.