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Labo Variety Kit

R 1,199

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Nintendo LABO Variety Kit Make, Play and Discover a different way play


Physical Software

Toy-Con RC Car
The Toy-Con RC Car is powered by vibrations in the Joy-Con controllers and can even follow a path of magnetic tape by using the IR motion camera in the right Joy-Con controller.

Toy-Con Fishing Rod
You can find harder-to-find fish by venturing deeper into the “ocean."

Toy-Con House
You can earn treats for your pet by playing mini-games, then you can touch the screen to feed these treats to your pet to see it change its colour or pattern!

Toy-Con Motorbike
You can rev the throttle by twisting the right handle, just like the real thing!

Toy-Con Piano
The Toy-Con Piano can be used to play simple songs or even to create and record more complex compositions, making it fun for amateurs and accomplished musicians alike.

*Nintendo Switch Console sold separately