Daemon X Machina Bundle

Sold out
R 1,599

Strap yourself into a fully-customisable arsenal and prepare for explosive, all-guns-blazing assault in DAEMON X MACHINA, a new breed of mech action game from genre veteran Kenichiro Tsukuda, only on Nintendo Switch.

When the moon fell from the sky and rained destruction on the world below making forged a network of powerful machinery, controlled by a sophisticated artificial intelligence, in order to help rebuild all that was lost.

But now, the spread of an energy called Femto has corrupted these once-subservient machines into a dangerous and merciless enemy known as Arms of Immortal, and humanity finds itself in a desperate battle for survival.

Don't let up! Wage the war against the machines wherever you go, thanks to the versatile play mode of Nintendo Switch. Local and online co-operative multiplayer modes let you team up and take the fight to the enemy, no matter where you are!


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