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Amiibo Hero

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Super Smash Bros. Collection

Commonly known as Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Hero is a young man that was raised the sleepy village of Cobblestone. Upon participating in the village’s coming-of-age ceremony he learns he is the reincarnation of the legendary “Luminary” - who saved the world in ages past and has a grand destiny awaiting for him.

Interested in finding out what the Luminary is and what his destiny means, he shed out into the wider world, leaving his village behind.

Wielding the Supreme Sword of light and trusty shield, he can slice his foes and block incoming attacks.

System Compatibility:
Nintendo Switch 
Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

*tapping them to the NFC touchpoint on the right controller.

Compatible games:
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
The images of this amiibo are not representative of the actual size